Spinning Te Puke and Area Babies – Webster Technique for Turning Breech Babies!

Spinning Te Puke and Area Babies - Webster
Technique for Turning Breech Babies!

Chiropractic Care for Breech Babies in Te Puke

Morning sickness, nausea, fatigue and all those different and crazy food cravings…

If you’re pregnant, trust us, you don’t want to add a misaligned pelvis, curved spine, or a protruding abdomen to your list of symptoms. Towards the end of the third trimester, there’s no longer a lot of space for the baby in the uterus and pelvis. And these physiological changes can make it difficult for pregnant women and their baby. Some women simply feel uncomfortable, others feel non-stop tired, and others experience unrelenting pain.

Now before you get too deep into this blog, I want to start off by making it very clear, if your baby is breech, and you are thinking that coming in and getting the Webster Technique done is the magical answer you are looking for, understand there could be a reason why your baby is breech and that it should stay that way and why they won’t turn with our approach…think too much (or too little amniotic fluid), a cord around the neck, fibroids in the uterus, or an abnormally shaped uterus. We do not guarantee to turn breech babies. As you’ll read below, if the right environment is created and there aren’t any external factors preventing the baby from turning, more often than not we do see them “spin”.

While there are several benefits to seeing a chiropractor at any point during pregnancy (see some of our other blogs), a misaligned pelvis could also lead to a breech presentation. Most babies will make use of their limited space by positioning head down the uterus. But if the baby is positioned to come out with his bottom or feet first, the baby is breech. With the help of a chiropractor utilizing the Webster Technique (LIKE US!!!), the baby can maximize their space inside the uterus.

According to BabyCenter, approximately 25 per cent of babies are breech during the third trimester. The Journal of Chiropractic Medicine also states that approximately 5 per cent of all pregnancies will be in breech position. But most babies will be able to turn their heads down on their own. If the baby is still in a breech position by 37 weeks, the baby is more likely to remain that way.

When this happens, chiropractors will use what is called the Webster Technique, a chiropractic analysis discovered by Dr. Larry Webster, who also founded the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). This technique encourages proper alignment of the pelvis and restores its function and motion. In technical terms this technique/approach removes in utero constraint.  This is a very big deal to the babies. It allows them to turn to the head down position on their own. Having the baby’s head down encourages a more natural delivery, avoiding the possibility of having a c-section and other interventions.

The Webster Technique is sometimes referred to as “the baby turning technique.” Unfortunately, the name is a misconception itself. The chiropractors, in fact, do not turn babies. Restoring alignment to the pelvis allows more room in the uterus for the baby to move and turn on their own accord. As mentioned above, we don’t guarantee to turn or spin the babies, especially if there is a physical factor preventing it from happening (e.g. a cord around the neck). That being said, when the protocol and technique are done properly, more often than not they do indeed “spin”.

This technique is specifically used to regulate pelvic subluxations during pregnancy and reduce intrauterine constraint by relaxing the tight ligaments around the uterus. The Webster Technique can also help reduce symptoms such as back or sciatic pain, pain in the rib cage, headache, heartburn or swelling. The Webster Technique is gentle and painless for both the mother and the baby. Mothers deserve to have as much comfort and safety during pregnancy as they possibly can. With the help from us here at Te Puke Chiropractic we can help ensure that your nervous system is functioning properly for a more smooth and natural delivery.

Be assured that chiropractic care does offer a positive approach to helping reduce and remove in utero constraint, often leading to “spinning babies”. For the majority of those checked in our clinic, there has either been a significant overall improvement or it has completely solved the problem. If you or someone you know is suffering needlessly, feel free to call us at 613-726-8830 for a complimentary consultation and to set up a time to have your spine and nervous system checked.

Dr. David Guest is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a member of the New Zealand Chiropractic Association, and owner of Mount Maunganui and Te Puke Chiropractic in the Bay of Plenty.  Dr. Guest focuses on an area of chiropractic called Structural Correction and has been in practice for 17 years. You can reach Dr. Guest at david@mtchiro.co.nz or (07) 574 3099.



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